BizMalaysia Feature: 26 June 2023

On June 26, 2023, our own CIRCULAR Coordinator, Asyirah Abdul Rahim was featured on BizMalaysia, a program on Malaysia National TV Channel.

The segment focused on Circular Economy and the critical role of community-based projects in its adoption in Malaysia. Asyirah highlighted the significance of Circular Economy, a sustainable model aiming to reduce waste and enhance resource responsibility, fostering a greener future. The sharing emphasized the pivotal role of community-based projects in driving Circular Economy initiatives, empowering local communities in sustainable practices. Our BizMalaysia feature marks a milestone in promoting sustainability and community engagement. Join us as we continue to drive positive change through upcoming events and initiatives. 

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To participate or partner in Circular Economy community projects, please contact any of our partners. Your support is vital in our journey towards a more eco-friendly and economically sustainable world. 

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